About the company

Company VITPOL was established in June 1990 in Długa Wieś, Poland. The basis for its establishment was herbal holding ZIOŁOWIT for many years engaged in the production and marketing of herbs for the meat industry.

At the beginning the company was purely commercial, the first production of enhancing agents for the meat industry was launched in 1995. A year later the company started to produce goods intended for retail sale.

Today VITPOL manufactures a wide range of functional agents, color stabilizing mixes enhancing the taste of the ready-made product. In response to the needs of the market we compose our own recipes for variety of mixtures, seasoning and decorative. The correct implementation of these agents is supervised by the group of qualified engineers – consultants who are prepared to solve current problems appearing in the production of hams and smoked meat. Since 2000 comprehensive supplying the meat industry has become the main focus of our company. For this purpose, a modern technological laboratory was established. It is mainly used to demonstrate product manufacturing processes to potential customers and to conduct research on new technological solutions.

We also offer natural spices and dried vegetables. We have a modern drying room fitted with a top-class equipment. Constant technological supervision watches over the drying process, the final products also undergo intensified purification process controlled by microbiological laboratory. We do it so that our products meet all your expectations. Great productive power enables us to bear the name of one of the largest producers of dried parsley in Poland. The vast area provides storage of dried products thanks to which the time of realization of orders is very short.

In our offer we have the products packaged in catering packages and loose products,as well as products for the retail market. Vitpol company pioneered universal seasoning – Degusta on a Polish market. Degusta stayed permanently in the hearts and tables of the Poles. Due to dynamic development of the company we introduced new variants of the traditional flavor Degusta this year. These are following: DEGUSTA EXCLUSIVE, DEGUSTA BEEF, DEGUSTA 18 VEGETABLES, DEGUSTA for meat, DEGUSTA POULTRY.
We also offer more than 60 items such as single-purpose spices, spice mixtures, and confectionery seasonings, as well as nuts and raisings – sold under Degusta brand. Last year our company established a modern technological line for production of liquid seasoning. Our production plant is one of the places we are proud of the most. Modern machinery park was entirely replaced in 2007. High performance, production of the highest standards of hygiene and quality, reliability, are just some of the advantages of modern machinery that helped us earn the name of a reliable supplier.

Production and packaging of spices, spice mixes, and enhancing agents for the meat industry is under constant scrutiny of modern microbiological laboratory, located in our premises.

Our technological laboratory was established at the manufacturing plant to explore new technological solutions and to act for show and teaching. This is one of the most modern facilities in Poland, which allows us to present new products or manufacturing processes to potential customers. Trainings of technologists organised here function as great promotion of our company and products.

In 2001, VITPOL proceeded to implement the Quality Management System according to international standards ISO 9001:2000, its implementation led to obtaining a certificate. Obtaining the certificate confirmed the ongoing professionalism of the company processes that fully meet the needs and expectations of our clients.

In April 2003, we began to work on the implementation of the food safety system HACCP in our company. Then it was decided to integrate the Quality Management System ISO 9001:2000 with HACCP system. Creation of an Integrated Management System aimed at improving the competitiveness of the company, ensuring continuous quality improvement of services and enhancing the effectiveness of management processes in our company with a high standard of food health safety. Throughout its existence the company VITPOL has been looking for new solutions, new proposals for the increasingly higher requirements of the market.

Company Vitpol consistently broadens the scope of activities going beyond the borders of the country. The first lines of the expansion were the countries of Eastern Europe.
By utilizing the highest quality carefully selected materials we increase the number of our foreign partners from year to year. For each foreign market we have a special offer of spices typical for regional cuisine.
A rapid and effective response to the needs of customers is the motto guiding our actions.

PW VITPOL Józef Przygodzki, Z.P.Chr. Długa Wieś 1/14 62-820 Stawiszyn